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Individual Sessions

$1,950.00 (+tax)

Initial Consultation 
To determine and prioritize your nutritional needs (1.5h) - 125* 

Post Evaluation Session
Including detailed recommendations in nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle, as well as 1 week menu plan designed just for you (1h) - $95*

Follow up appointment
Evaluating where you are at and making additional recommendations when required (30 min) - $55*

* Pricing may vary in clinic

Book an Appointment

Appointment ​Details

  • Initial consultation (1.5h)

    The first interview is aimed towards understanding your past medical history, stress triggers, current lifestyle and goals in order to provide realistic recommendations and to build a nutritional plan that reflects your specific needs. Once we begin to work together you will receive several in depth questionnaires from me to fill out.

  • Post-evaluation session including nutrition plan and recommendations (1h)

    From the initial consultation, I evaluate your needs and design a plan appropriate to your health concerns, including detailed nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations. A one week menu plan designed just for you is also included. During the post-evaluation session (in person or online), we will review the plan together and set goals for the next time we see each other. It is important to have a set of achievable goals - taking little steps is key to not feeling overwhelmed. My goal is to keep you motivated!

  • Follow up appointment (30 min)
    These follow-up appointments can be set on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, depending on the support you require. In these appointments, we will determine where you are at and the things we can continue to work on, and recommendations we can add to what you have already been working on.